Once upon a time, a shirt and a jacket got married, had a baby, and voila! The shacket was born. Yup. Part shirt, part jacket is exactly what a shacket is. And ladies — I’m obsessed with them and I bet you will be too. Here, I’m rounding up all the shackets you need now from The Rose Hanger Shop. Clearly, you don’t need them all. But one. You need at least one. Take a pick!



BUFFALO AZTEC WESTERN SHACKET - $55.00 Embrace the western vibe with this Buffalo Aztec piece. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, and it’s waiting to be a part of your iconic looks.

JACQUARD AZTEC SHIRT JACKET - $59.00 If you’re looking for something that combines elegance with a casual vibe, this is the one. The intricate Jacquard Aztec pattern is a showstopper, making it a must-have piece.

DENIM CHEVRON FRINGE JACKET - $65.00 Denim lovers, rejoice! This shacket with a chevron fringe is the perfect blend of classic and trendy. It’s denim reimagined and you need it in your wardrobe.

AZTEC SHACKET - $69.00 This beauty made its debut in our collection and it’s already a star! With its unique Aztec design, it’s a piece that screams style and comfort. A must-have this season!

WESTMONT PLAID FLANNEL SHACKET - $65.00 Plaid and flannel - a match made in heaven. This shacket is your cozy companion that promises both warmth and style. More a shirt than a jacket but truly love this one. A piece that you’ll reach for again and again.

And while shackets have made their mark as a fall and winter staple, don’t be fooled — these versatile pieces are perfect for spring, styled over tees and tanks, making them a year-round favorite!

So, step into the season with confidence and style, exploring our exclusive collection of women's shackets at The Rose Hanger Shop. Each piece, from the cozy flannel shackets to the trendy Aztec designs, is crafted to elevate your style, offering the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. Discover your next favorite wardrobe staple with us, where quality meets style in every stitch.

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